Memorable Funeral Ceremony Creation

A funeral is a time to embrace the memory of a loved one in a supportive environment.
It is also one of the first important stages of grieving for the family.  This experience
honors and celebrates the life of someone who has died while providing comfort for
those left behind.  As both a spiritual director and celebrant, Jackie is present to your
pain and listens deeply to you through this process of preparing a memorable funeral

The possible services she can provide include:

  • Providing support/coordinating a personalized service with a Funeral Director and/or clergy.
  • Creating and officiating at a service based on personal memories that will reflect the personality and lifestyle of your loved one, including writing and delivering a eulogy. 
  • Creating and officiating at a service for a viewing, cremation, graveside committal and/or scattering.      
  • Creating a Video Tribute and DVD for the service and family members.

What happens at the funeral greatly affects how the bereaved go on to find meaning and purpose in their continued living.
~Alan D. Wolfelt, PH.D