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Koch Funeral Home
Announcements ~ Pandemic Update

At Koch Funeral Home, we recognize that amid this pandemic, we all have had fears and concerns for the safety of our families and loved ones. Unfortunately, death and grief do not pause during a crisis. For 108 years, Koch Funeral Home has been taking care of members of this community and we stand ready to help you now. Our experienced, caring staff will continue assisting families during this time.

Learn More - KFH - Taking Precautions ~ F. Glenn Fleming
Because Love Can't Wait - Gathering Options

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​Our Mission: 
To compassionately serve and guide families with our experience and knowledge as they honor their loved ones.

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As we begin the New Year, I think about how grateful I am for community.

It’s our honor to serve you, our neighbors, during difficult times.

Please let us know how we can help.

F. Glenn Fleming
Funeral Director, Supervisor

"The experience to serve you better, the compassion to understand your needs".

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A sense of community is very important.

When you are grieving, a supportive community can be a comfort.

Our Helping Grieving Hearts Heal  program provides opportunities for you to be a part of such a community – a safe place for you to share with others and others to share with you.

Please visit our Bereavement  Gatherings & Events  pages for more information. 

You are welcome at any of our upcoming virtual and pandemic permitting, in-person events!

Jackie Naginey Hook, MA
​Spiritual Director, Celebrant and
End-of-Life Doula

About Us - Jackie Hook

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Please join us in our continued support to help Footprints in the Field complete their Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Garden! Click ​ here to visit their website and learn how you can help support their mission. 

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Visit our #BePresentWithKoch video blog to see past episodes by clicking on the banner below.2020 - Website Banner - #BePresentWithKoch

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​Learn about our Helping Grieving Hearts Heal Program by clicking on the banner below.

To learn more about the many community outreach programs offered through Helping Grieving Hearts Heal, click on the banner below.  

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We invite you to our  upcoming  community outreach programs including the Monday's Moments Gatherings, these monthly series are part of our Helping Grieving Hearts Heal Community Outreach programs.

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Koch Funeral Home invites the public to join them in honoring the over 300 individuals they served in 2021.   Read More >>>

sep - For Website DesignAfter a loss, looking too far ahead can feel overwhelming. It helps to be gentle with yourself and take one step at a time. Read More>>>

sep - For Website DesignIf you have lost a loved one, this is an opportunity to share what is on your heart and mind right now, to listen, and be listened to deeply and generously. Read More >>>

sep - For Website DesignThese special Monday’s Moments gatherings have the added healing benefit of nature. Read More >>>

sep - For Website DesignPlease join us in the comfort of your own home for our monthly Death Café. You can sip on coffee and tea, eat your favorite dessert and discuss death with us. ​ Read More>>>

sep - For Website DesignThis is a six-night series for parents/couples who have experienced pregnancy loss, stillbirth or early infant death.  Read More>>>

sep - For Website DesignIf your heart could speak, what would it say? Read More>>>

Complimentary -  Call to pick one up.

Website Banner - KFH Funeral Planning Guide

The Koch Funeral Home Funeral Planning Guide was carefully designed to meet the needs of our community; it is both informative and educational.  This is a resource for you.  With the help of experts in various fields, this guide is a compilation of important items to consider. 

Some of these items include:  Preplanning, Burial Services, Cremation Services, Cemeteries, Veterans Services, Travel Security Plans, Legal Issues and Estate Liquidation.   
Please contact 
Jackie Naginey Hook if you would like to receive a copy or click here to learn more.