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Our Mission: To compassionately serve and guide families with our experience and knowledge as they honor their loved ones.

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It is our honor to work with families, care for their loved ones, and help them create meaningful services.

We do all of this in a unique and individualized way because every person is one-of-a-kind.

Personalized care and services are a healing beginning to the grief journey. 

Please let us know how we can meet your specific needs.

Our Helping Grieving Hearts Heal program is here to companion you along the way

F. Glenn Fleming - Funeral Director, Supervisor

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Just as every person is one-of-a-kind, grief is as unique as our fingerprints.

We are here to help you move your grief and heal in ways that are helpful to you.

Perhaps that is through being part of an education and support gathering, reading an online blog, or attending a remembrance service. 

Please visit our Blogs and Bereavement Gatherings & Events pages for more information about the different programs and resources we offer.

Jackie Naginey Hook - Spiritual Director, Celebrant, End-of-Life Doula 

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Footprints in the Fields in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, was created to mark the lives of all of the little ones lost in pregnancy or soon after birth. To learn more visit their website.

sep - For Website DesignOur Helping Grieving Hearts Heal program is designed to provide services that support individuals around dying, death and grieving. This program is offered by Jackie Naginey Hook, M.A., a certified spiritual director, celebrant, and end-of-life doula. Below is a list of programs available both in-person and virtual. To learn more click here.

sep - For Website DesignOur hearts often feel broken when we’ve lost a loved one. So how do we love ourselves in this brokenness?  Read More >>>

sep - For Website DesignWhen we’re grieving a loss, our hearts can feel like they’ve been broken apart. 

sep - For Website DesignWhen we lose a loved one, having support helps us on our healing journeys. 

sep - For Website DesignACAP is holding the event "Knowing Your Limits and Creating Balance as a Caregiver".  Read More>>>

sep - For Website DesignPlease join us in the comfort of your own home for our monthly Death Café.
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sep - For Website DesignLearning to Live: What’s Your Story? and State of the Story present an evening of MOTH-style storytelling about the love that lives on after loss.  Read More >>>

sep - For Website Design​When we bring our grief and mourning to nature, it can help decrease our pain in the moment while also helping us heal in the long run. Read More >>>

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One of the need of mourners is to develop a new self-identity. Our roles change and it takes time to adjust. Read More >>>

sep - For Website DesignACAP is holding the event "Downsizing: Why? When? And How?". Read More >>>

sep - For Website DesignSome people compare grief to the waves of an ocean. Read More >>>