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What does it mean to stream a funeral or memorial service?

Livestreaming or remote viewing is a service provided to families and loved ones to privately attend a funeral or memorial service in real time or as a recording on a phone, tablet or computer.

Planning a funeral is hard, especially when family and loved ones are unable to attend in person.

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What are the benefits of streaming a funeral or memorial service? 

It brings people together. Our lives have become more demanding, and due to distances between loved ones, it is not always possible to attend a funeral due to poor health, distance, cost, or work.

Loved ones are able to take part in a private viewing of  the funeral or memorial service at anytime, anywhere – around the country or around the world.

In times of grief we need one another. 

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How does streaming a funeral or memorial service work?

The funeral home staff will arrange a livestream or remote viewing of the funeral or memorial service. You can choose a livestream with real time attendance or a recording to watch at a later time. Livestreaming can be done with or without remote audience interaction. The family will be sent a private password protected link to be shared with loved ones, family and friends to view the service.

A funeral ceremony helps us acknowledge the reality of the death, gives testimony to the life of the deceased, and encourages the expression of grief for those left behind.

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